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Sustainable Meets Safer with Nuhni

by David Johnson on April 21, 2019

Yuck! We are drowning in our own waste!

Did you know? Our annual generation of municipal solid waste—non biodegradable trash—is well over 1/4 of a billion tons or almost 🐘x48,000,000 adult elephants by weight, and as consumption increases, so does the trash... by a few hundred million more tons each year.**

How long can the planet keep up? 🤦!


Truthfully, not long. 

To help curb waste we need clean, sustainable products—with quality that lasts! 

Unfortunately, in my experience, these things usually don't go hand in hand.

That's why when I discovered Nuhni (meeting Dave & Christine at the Breckenridge Farmers Market) I knew it was a company that shared my values.


Nuhni offers safe and sustainable products that work for both people and planet — without sacrificing performance or effectiveness — while also being forward thinking enough to do it in a non-toxic way. I’m a huge supporter and have found several of their products to be some of my “in home” staples, check out my most fav picks and give them a try!


Nuhni | Odor Eater Eggs: Checkout The Odor Eater Eggs


First up, the odor eater eggs, most odor eliminators contain synthetic chemicals labeled “fragrance” and use ingredients that release VOCs into the air. All these ingredients have known/suspected health concerns... not to mention, these offending products are usually in plastic containers.


Nuhni's odor eater eggs are a biodegradable dream, made from charcoal and diatomaceous earth to neutralize odors without harmful chemicals or crazy packaging! My favorite perk- they work! My office doesn’t smell like dog and my closet doesn’t smell like stinky man feet! (Shhh don’t tell Ky I said that). Simply place them in an enclosed area such as a drawer, cupboard, pantry or closet (or in your car) and watch them do their trick!


Nuhni | Hinoki Bath Cubes: Checkout The Hinoki Bath Cubes


We’re constantly putting chemicals down our drains and into the water supply. While our water facilities strive to do their best, we can always do more at home too to keep chemicals out of our rivers, lakes, oceans, soil and water treatment facilities. Bubble baths- I love them. I’ll happily admit- they are a past time that really helps me reset.


Have you ever looked at the labels on most though?!?! *Sigh*


Sure enough, Nuhni found my alternative- Hinoki Bath Cubes. Made from Hinoki Japanese Cypress these cubes have natural properties that help de-stress and boost immunity. I fill the bath with warm water, drop in my Vitamin C tab (dechlorinate) and then add my cubes to soak and enjoy. I diffuse essential oils in the room while I soak, but you can add a few drops to these cubes too for an added scent. Rot resistant- just collect from tub after you’re done and store for the next use! I rotate between these and salts and love that I’m using a natural option than I can compost once their natural scent has disappeared!


Nuhni | The Black Sponge: Checkout The Black Sponge


Soaps and exfoliators are another area that I’m always trying to do better while being balanced in my approach. I haven’t totally abandoned body wash and facial exfoliators, but I do strive to use less and do better. To try and keep chemicals from my drains and microplastics out of our water. The black sponge has been a great addition to our home! Kyle and I will use this charcoal derived sponge to cleanse and exfoliate our skin in the mornings. Just get this bad boy wet, add a drop of wash and loofah up like you usually would. You’ll find your skin feeling softer in no time! This is exceptionally great for sensitive skin.
kara armstrong eco cloth nuhni


Nuhni | Eco Cloth: Checkout The Eco Cloth


Microplastics- a trending word, but a truthful one too. Microscopic plastics are washing out of our clothes, our “safer” cleaning tools and entering our water supply through our personal care products. We all want great cleaning tools though, especially some with antibacterial properties. HEMP y’all! The Hemp Eco Cloths by Nuhni have natural antibacterial properties, are sustainably sourced, and do not contain microplastics that will slowly release into your drains when you wash them. Did I mention they are easy to use?!?! We keep a stack in the kitchen with the cotton cloths that we use as napkins. Wet, wipe rinse and reuse these bad boys are easy to clean with and save TONS on the cost of paper towels.



**According to the EPA, the total generation of municipal solid waste in 2015 was 262.4 million tons, approximately 3.5 million tons more than the amount generated in 2014. - Environmental Protection Agency

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