Volcanic Pumice Stone Bath & Body Nuhni
Volcanic Pumice Stone Bath & Body Nuhni
Volcanic Pumice Stone Bath & Body Nuhni
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Volcanic Pumice Stone

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A must-have household item, our volcanic pumice stones are useful for more than just skincare! It's many uses include: aromatherapy, buffing porcelain, de-pilling sweaters, scrubbing grills or cleaning pet hair off furniture. Add this simple and effective tool to your home today — also makes a great gift!

Sold As: (1) Pumice Stone

Our pumice stone is born of earth and fire. It begins it's life when molten lava makes contact with water in an explosion of steam and rock then hardens. The result is a lightweight, porous and abrasive rock called pumice. Our stones are then cut and shaped; each being unique.


🌒 Natural and chemical free our volcanic pumice stones are not dyed or scented.
🌗 A must-have, multipurpose household item, great for bath, body and beyond!
🌖 Abundant and sustainable, easily mined from surface deposits.

Use & Care

To use for manicures, pedicures or general foot care soak the desired area in warm water, add soap and gently scrub with your pumice stone until desired smoothness is achieved.

To use for aromatherapy add a couple drops of peppermint essential oil to your pumice stone and place in the bottom of a hot shower.

To clean rust, hard water and mildew stains off porcelain toilets, sinks or bathtubs — first soak your pumice stone, then get the area that needs to be cleaned wet. To remove the stain gently scrub with light, even strokes. When done, flush with water and enjoy the sparkle!

To clean pet hair off fabric or microfiber. Wet your pumice stone and use long gentle strokes to remove the pet hair; pet hair will stick to the pumice stone like velcro. This method also works great on carpets and car interiors. Cool huh?

To clean a grill, just wet your pumice stone and scrub... and keep scrubbing. You got this.

To de-fuzz a sweater, gently rub your pumice stone across the pilled fibers — use a lint roller to pick up the pills.

To use as a natural oil diffuser, soak your pumice stone in a mixture of hot water and essential oils for 30mins. To enjoy, place on windowsill or in a mesh bag and hang in an open area.

To remove unwanted hair with your pumice stone soak in warm water and lather skin with soap. Gently rub stone on skin in small circular motions for 2-3 minutes — moisturize skin afterwards.

A pumice stone may be used to remove paint, oil or ink off your hands; just suds and scrub.

When your ready to recycle your pumice stone, add it to your houseplants soil. It's an effective way of helping the soil retain water, it also provides additional nutrients for growth.

To lightly clean, scrub with an old toothbrush and soap, then rinse under water. To deep clean place on the top rack of your dishwasher or add it to boiling water to sanitize.


Product: Volcanic Pumice Stone
Sold As: (1) Pumice Stone
Material: Volcanic Pumice
Size: Approx. 4" x 3" x 1.25"
Color: Natural


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