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Wool Dryer Balls!

It's a pain when the dryer doesn't fully dry your clothes. It's also no fun when the cycle ends only to have wrinkled clothes with static cling — and a generous amount of lint or pet hair stuck to them. Our premium wool dryer balls reduce static, eliminate wrinkles, soften clothes and shorten dry time saving you money with each cycle... and they are durable enough to last 1000+ loads.

Sold As: (3) Pack Wool Dryer Balls


Wool dryer balls save time, money and electricity by reducing the required dry time per load of laundry. They eliminate the need for fabric softeners and dryer sheets. Instead, softening laundry, by pummeling it with each rotation of your dryer bin, as well as reducing static charge. Make the switch today to save time and money — throw out the dryer sheets, the fabric softener, replace with our wool dryer balls.

To scent your laundry just add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. We prefer lemongrass and lavender, as it makes our home and laundry smell glorious. Get our wool dryer balls today to save time, money and electricity every dryer cycle — they also make a great gift!


» Wool dryer balls reduce static, wrinkles, soften clothes and decrease drying time; plus they save money by cutting your electricity usage.
» A healthy, eco-practical alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener. To use, add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil directly to the dryer balls and toss them in the dryer — scent your bed sheets with lemongrass or lavender.
» Super durable. Our wool dryer balls will last for years without wearing out — expect 1200-1600 dryer cycles or 2-5 years with our premium quality dryer balls.

How to Use

We recommend using at least three to six dryer balls; the quantity needed depends on the size of your dryer and amount of laundry per load. To use, toss them inside the dryer with your wet laundry.

Also, check to ensure that you are not overloading your dryer. Dryer balls work by tumbling around, creating more air flow, and drying your laundry faster! When your dryer is overloaded our dryer balls aren't going to be as effective. High efficiency dryers often do not need a full cycle using dryer balls. If your clothes still have a static charge you may be over-drying your clothes.

Care Instructions

You may notice a small amount of shrinkage when used at high heat settings — this does not affect function. To clean, just toss them in the wash, gentle cycle, low heat. Over-drying can give dryer balls a static charge — to eliminate this, just add a balled up piece of aluminum foil to your dryer load with only the dryer balls and run for a cycle.


Product: Wool Dryer Balls
Sold As: (3) Pack Wool Dryer Balls
Material: Wool
Size: Tennis Ball Size
Color: Natural

Coconut Bottle Scrubber!

Water bottles, thermoses coffee cups and wine glasses are hard to clean. Try our coconut bottle scrubber featuring coir bristles made from the husks of coconuts — our brush is naturally antimicrobial, plus, it's super scrubby, effective and eco-practical!

Sold As: (1) Bottle Scrubber


The perfect size for kitchen chores, with coconut coir bristles our brush cleans all those hard to reach places in your bottles, cups and pots lickty-split!

Our bottle scrubber features coconut coir fibers that are durable and naturally anti-microbial. The perfect kitchen solution, simple, effective and eco-practical! We recommend that you rinse your coconut bottle scrubber after use and hang over your faucet to drip dry — add this essential tool to your kitchen today!


» Scrub your dishes with scratch free coconut fibers, gentle on delicate finishes - tough on grease, grime and food residue.
» The perfect choice for thermoses, baby bottles, wine decanters and more!
» Our brush is made with coconut coir bristles, derived from the husks of coconuts which contain naturally occurring antimicrobial compounds.


Product: Coconut Bottle Scrubber
Sold As: (1) Coconut Bottle Scrubber
Material: Coconut Coir Fibers, Wood, Steel
Size: 9.75" (brush head 5" in length)
Color: Natural

Odor Eater Eggs!

Did you know that we become accustomed to odors within our immediate environment? That means embarrassing smells, stinky bathrooms, trashcans, cat litter boxes, shoes and diaper pails can go unnoticed. Our odor eater egg gets the stink out, and freshness in — add one anywhere disruptive odors may gather!

Sold As: (4) Pack Odor Eater Egg


Simple and effective, just place our odor eater egg in any area that offensive odors gather. Add one to your fridge, locker, dresser drawers, shoe closet, litter box, bathroom or vehicle to maintain a fresh and odor free environment. Just one of our deodorizing eggs is a long term and effective solution to undesirable odor control.

To keep your egg at maximum odor fighting power, place in direct sunlight for a couple hours once a month.


» Our odor eater eggs are most effective at controlling odors within enclosed spaces such as walk-in closets, cupboards, drawers or small rooms.
» How does it work? Our odor eater eggs are made with diatomaceous earth — millions of microscopic holes provide incredible, natural odor fighting properties. In fact, just one ounce of diatomaceous earth has approx. 6,417.58 square feet of surface area (that's the size of 2.2 tennis courts) to trap unwanted odor particles.
» Simple, effective and long lasting. Our odor eater eggs last for years without wearing out — expect approx. 2-3 years of use (refresh as needed).
» Sustainable and biodegradable, made with diatomaceous earth - you can compost our odor eater egg at the end of it's life-cycle.


Product: Odor Eater Eggs
Sold As: (4) Pack Odor Eater Eggs
Material: Diatomaceous Earth
Size: 2.3" x 1.6"
Color: Charcoal

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