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plus, picks up coffee grinds and crumbs like a magnet.

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Coconut Bottle Scrubber!


Water bottles, thermoses coffee cups and wine glasses are hard to clean. Try our coconut bottle scrubber featuring coir bristles made from the husks of coconuts — our brush is naturally antimicrobial, plus, it's super scrubby, effective and eco-practical!

Sold As: (1) Bottle Scrubber

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The perfect size for kitchen chores, with coconut coir bristles our brush cleans all those hard to reach places in your bottles, cups and pots lickty-split!

Our bottle scrubber features coconut coir fibers that are durable and naturally anti-microbial. The perfect kitchen solution, simple, effective and eco-practical! We recommend that you rinse your coconut bottle scrubber after use and hang over your faucet to drip dry — add this essential tool to your kitchen today!


» Scrub your dishes with scratch free coconut fibers, gentle on delicate finishes - tough on grease, grime and food residue.
» The perfect choice for thermoses, baby bottles, wine decanters and more!
» Our brush is made with coconut coir bristles, derived from the husks of coconuts which contain naturally occurring antimicrobial compounds.


Product: Coconut Bottle Scrubber
Sold As: (1) Coconut Bottle Scrubber
Material: Coconut Coir Fibers, Wood, Steel
Size: 9.75" (brush head 5" in length)
Color: Natural


Cast Iron & Pot Scrubber!

A well seasoned cast iron pot or pan is a family treasure. To preserve your investment in time never clean cast iron cookware with a dishwasher, steel wool or soap — just one cleaning mistake could strip the seasoning and destroy years of hard work. Instead, use our cast iron and pot scrubber to effortlessly clean your cast iron and cookware - you'll love it's simple, effective design!

Sold As: (1) Cast Iron & Pot Scrubber


Tough messes, burnt on food and caramelized sauces are no match for our cast iron and pot scrubber. It's simple, effective design uses stiff, durable sorghum stalks wrapped tightly in hemp rope to solve an age old problem - cleaning your prized cookware. Our scrubber works on any pan, skillet, griddle, dutch oven, pot or cast iron cookware.. just add a drop of soap and a bit of elbow grease.


» Stiff sorghum stalks clean wet or dry: whisk away carbonized food or baked in sauces with a drop of soap and warm water.
» Our simple, effective design stores upright next to the sink when not in use. As an added bonus, you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the top as it dries to scent your kitchen.
» Strong and durable - our cast iron and pot scrubber will outlast conventional scrubbers.
» Cleans hot pots and pans, sorghum bristles will not melt like conventional nylon bristles.


Product: Cast Iron & Pot Scrubber
Sold As: (1) Cast Iron & Pot Scrubber
Material: Sorghum, Hemp
Size: 1.5" x 9" (slight variance expected)
Color: Natural

Non-Stick Scrubber!


Palm fiber bristles whisk away baked on food, grime and debris like magic, cleaning non-stick, ceramic, glassware and stoneware surfaces scratch free! Plus, our dish scrubber easily cleans where others struggle — in nooks, crannies and corners — just add soap as needed and elbow grease if required.

Sold As: (1) Non-Stick Scrubber

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Inspired by simple effective designs that have been used for centuries to clean dishes and cooking equipment  our dish scrubber is built to last. We designed our scrubber with flexible scratch free palm bristles that adapt to the contour of the dish, pot or glass at hand. After cleaning, care for your dish scrubber by hanging to air dry when not in use.


» Natural palm bristles clean in and around hard to reach areas whisking away food debris.
» Cleans ceramic, non-stick, glassware and stoneware surfaces scratch free!
» Our dish scrubber is made with sustainable and biodegradable materials, this brush has been grown from the soil, not the lab. 
» As product wears over time, remove copper bands and discard to extend the life-cycle of your dish scrubber.
» Convenient hanging loop can be placed over faucet to drip dry between uses.


Product: Dish Scrubber
Sold As: (1) Dish Scrubber
Material: Palm Bristles, Copper
Size: 5"
Color: Natural

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