Windsor, Colorado  --  “This eco cloth™ has replaced my sponge, saved me money on papertowels and eliminated my microfiber cloths!” is just one of the many accolades collected by Nuhni for their innovative brand of all natural, hemp based, eco cloths™. America is experiencing a hemp resurgence and many consumers are awakening to the benefits of this durable, eco-friendly fiber. In today's market, the demand for chemical-free, natural cleaning products; driven by millennial consumers, has increased. With perfect timing, Nuhni has stepped forward to supply this demand in a rapidly growing market. Nuhni's eco cloths™ are now available in Colorado and beyond to consumers direct through Nuhni's website and at a rapidly growing list of retailers!

The company founders Christine and David Johnson, social humanitarians, who after working with at-risk children, and becoming parents themselves; were driven to create an all natural, plant based, chemical-free cleaning cloth with a modern twist. Many late nights and prototypes later they created the eco cloth™ though Nuhni, enthusiastic response from early adopters drove them to further refine and develop their product line. The market response has been absolutely overwhelming and positive, according to Christine Johnson. “We are excited to be able to introduce an affordable, effective and eco-friendly alternative to the chemical and conventional options available to consumers today — our all natural, chemical-free, eco cloth™." The reception from consumers and industry experts nationwide has been enormous. We look forward to sharing more inspired developments using natural fibers with the U.S. market as we grow and develop our business. When Christine and David Johnson were asked, "can you define Nuhni as a brand?" David said, "clean with the power of hemp! Throw out your smelly sponge and get our all natural, odor fighting, eco cloths™!! Great beyond the sink, you'll end up saving money on paper towels as well! They pay for themselves, and they’re made with hemp! You have nothing to lose but your smelly sponge!"

Unique in the marketplace, Nuhni eco cloths™ feature all natural, chemical-free ecoHEMP™ fibers, which clean in and around hard to reach areas, picking up crumbs, coffee grinds, whiskers and more while providing all natural resistance to germs, mold and mildew. Nuhni’s multipurpose eco cloths™ are perfect for washing, scrubbing, soaking or drying! The eco cloth™is the perfect choice for household chores; save time by cleaning it right the first time.

Nuhni boasts the only plant based, natural alternative to microfiber cloths on the market, designed with chemical-free, eco-friendly consumers in mind. Their eco cloths™ are sold as a single unit or in packs with prices ranging from; $3.95-$59.95 depending on the size and quantity.



  • Clean with the power of ecoHEMP™ an eco friendly, plant based, germ, mold and mildew resistant fiber!

  • Extra long ecoHEMP™ fibers clean in and around hard to reach areas, picking up crumbs, coffee grinds, whiskers and more.

  • Clean it right the first time, save time, clean less! Nuhni eco cloths™ are perfect for washing, scrubbing, soaking or drying!

  • At 7x more absorbent than cotton and 2.5x more absorbent than microfiber Nuhni ultra-absorbent eco cloths™ clean wet or dry.



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