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Sponges stink! ...and paper towels, use them once and throw away? Our Eco Cloth™ is thicker and more absorbent than paper towels and doesn’t stink like a sponge ...when you're done, just toss in the wash to reuse again and again.

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Our reusable Eco Cloth™ a replacement for paper towels, dishcloths and sponges cleans quickly saving you time and money — with a streak free finish on glass, range tops, granite, or stainless steel appliances. Our cloth uses less soap while producing more suds. It soaks up spills, cleaning messes paper towels can't handle, picking up crumbs and coffee grinds like a magnet — all odor free!

The performance is in our fibers. We designed ecoHEMP™ fabric with nature's strongest and most absorbent fiber, hemp — while extra tough stitching and double ply construction allows you to make short work of kitchen chores.


» Super duper odor resistant  ecoHEMP™ fibers naturally fight odor causing germs, mold and mildew.
» Quickly clean in and around hard to reach areas; extra long ecoHEMP™ fibers pick up crumbs, coffee grinds, and more!
» Static resistant, will not leave behind dust, lint or hair when cleaning hard surfaces.
» Thick and absorbent — soaks up spills, cleaning messes better than paper towels or sponges.
» Streak free finish on hard surfaces, granite, stainless steel, mirrors and windows.


Product: Eco Cloth™ | Large
Sold As: (3) Pack Eco Cloth™ | Large
Material: ecoHEMP™
Size: (9" x 9") Paper Towel Replacement
Color: Natural

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