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Hemp Grocery Tote

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Our hemp grocery tote is strong, durable and lightweight - made with premium hemp fabric and a hessian weave it's built to last. Take one home to add this durable zero waste solution to your daily routine!

Sold As: (1) Hemp Grocery Tote

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We love simple and rugged design — which is why our bag features a simple, classic design with rugged construction that will last years. Our grocery tote is tough enough to cart around farmer's market veggies, groceries, shopping goods or baby gear - you name it, our hemp bag will carry it all in style.

This bag features durable hemp fibers that naturally fight mold, mildew and germs. In addition to being a great carry-all, our bag won't develop odor or funk from frequent use like cotton, canvas or man made materials due to the natural antimicrobial nature of it's hemp fibers. Isn't hemp great!


» Simple and rugged design.
» A zero waste, carbon negative bag to help you reduce waste; plus, it won't break when carrying your goods like those cheap polyester bags - hemp is the superior material.
» Our bag is made of 100% hemp fibers for durability, its a workhorse.
» Hemp fibers naturally fight germs, mold and mildew to keep your bag smelling fresh and clean - every trip to the grocery store!


Product: Hemp Grocery Tote
Sold As: (1) Hemp Grocery Tote
Material: 100% Hemp
Size: 15" x 16" x 2.5"
Color: Natural


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