The Black Sponge™

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This is the softest sponge in the world — it's seriously crazy soft — made from the fibrous root of a vegetable and infused with activated charcoal for additional cleansing power; this is the one tool you need for healthy skin-care. Daily use of our premium quality konjac sponge will purify and enhance skin-tone, smoothing complexion. Try one today, you won't be disappointed.

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Our premium quality konjac sponge with activated charcoal is an excellent choice for everyday washing as it gently exfoliates, detoxifies and purifies the skin! Pillow-soft and absorbent our konjac sponge will help improve skin texture by minimizing the appearance of pores and eliminating blackheads - consistent use will even help prevent skin spots, blemishes and breakouts. To improve your complexion and achieve younger healthier looking skin, use our konjac sponge daily!


» The Black Sponge™ is the softest sponge in the world... it's seriously soft. Made with a blend of konjac vegetable fibers and infused with activated charcoal our sponge is pillow soft when wet. 
» The perfect choice daily cleansing of sensitive, delicate or thin skin.
» Daily use of our konjac sponge helps to improve skin tone, reducing the occurrence of acne breakouts.
» Activated charcoal attracts dirt like a magnet, fights acne and is naturally anti-bacterial -  additionally the sponge is odorless and will not smell.
» This is a sustainable and biodegradable product, grown from the soil not the lab.

How to Use

The sponge will arrive de-hydrated. Wet your sponge and lather with a small amount of soap. To clean, rub skin in small circles using gentle pressure. To get the maximum use from your sponge, compress to remove excess water and hang dry. We recommend replacing your konjac sponge every 2-3 months as the fiberous material will begin to breakdown after extended use.


Product: The Black Sponge™ 
Sold As: (1) The Black Sponge™ 
Material: Konjac Vegetable Fibers, Bamboo Charcoal
Size: Approx. 3" x 1.25" x 5.10"
Color: Natural