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Eco Sponges™

Home & Kitchen | In stock | (5) Pack
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The average sponge lasts a week or two before it's tossed in the trash. Our zero waste — eco sponges™ don't sacrifice scrubbing power for sustainability and outlast the typical kitchen sponge, plus you can receive them monthly for a discount!

Sold As: (5) Pack Eco Sponges™

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A gift from nature, our Eco Sponges™ have a naturally scrubby texture that make quick work of grease, grime and gunk. Our Eco Sponges™ are more abrasive then a conventional sponge but softer than a scouring pad — plus, their porous cellulose fibers are highly oil absorbent and 100% scratch free on all surfaces when wet!

To go zero waste without sacrificing cleaning power add our Eco Sponges™ to your kitchen today!


» Our Eco Sponges™ make great multi-use scrubs, our customers are using them for scrubbing dishes, washing cars, a super-exfoliating shower scrub, counter tops, range-tops and bathroom tiles.
» Soaks up water and gets super sudsy with only a small amount of soap!
» Made from a Luffa Gourd our Eco Sponges™ are grown from the soil, not the lab and are entirely sustainable and biodegradable.


Product: Eco Sponges™
Sold As: (5) Pack Eco Sponges™
Material: Luffa Gourd
Size: 3.3" x 5.5"
Color: Natural


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