Smell Good Shrooms™
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Smell Good Shrooms™


Mothballs stink with clinging odor and chemical insect repellents are pest specific, both can be toxic. Alternatively — our Smell Good Shrooms™ made with natural camphor wood can be placed around your home to enhance ambiance while safely controlling undesirable critters.

Sold As: (15, 25 Pack) Smell Good Shrooms™

Did you know that when you smell mothballs you are also inhaling insecticides? Yikes, right!?

When designing our Smell Good Shrooms™ we wanted to find a pest solution that would replace mothballs and insect repellents, but was also eco-practical and toxin free. The obvious choice was camphor wood — a grade A pest repellent, it naturally repels insects; moths, roaches, ants, silverfish and also possesses strong anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties... and smells good!

Our Smell Good Shrooms™ are effective and easy to use. Simply place them around your home to ward off unwanted pests, mold and mildew, plus they make a fun conversation piece!


» Smell Good Shrooms™ are most effective at controlling pests within enclosed spaces such as walk-in closets, cupboards or drawers.
» Our Smell Good Shrooms™ - grown from the soil, not the lab - are sustainable and biodegradable.
» Camphor wood (Cinnamomum Camphora a relative of Cinnamon) - is not intended for human or animal consumption - to ensure pet and child safety we recommend placing our Smell Good Shrooms™ out of reach. (i.e. - Our Smell Good Shrooms™ are not a chew toy for babies, children or pets.)
» To refresh the natural odor of our Smell Good Shrooms™ put them inside a sealed mason jar in direct sunlight for 2-3 hours.


Product: Smell Good Shrooms™
Sold As: (15, 25 Pack) Smell Good Shrooms™
Material: Camphor Wood
Size: .78" x 1.37"
Color: Natural


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